Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yeah, yeah.... I Have Been Bad About This....

The world of Google Plus or G+ has invaded my computer time much like the first moments in MySpace as a social network. For those of you who are not familiar with this social media, it appears to me, despite a valiant attempt to become a replacement for Facebook, a complimentary associate. I use Facebook for family and friends as I have always done. My photography foray on Facebook was a brilliant flop. I think I have 27 wonderfully responsive "fans" of which I am afraid I neglect terribly. Or maybe that is why they like me... I don't bother them with daily photos - who knows.

I do know that as of now I am a part of 1357 people in my circles full of fellow photographers from all over the world. That is just since August. As much as it is the same, it is different than Facebook and I don't think I am going to get into it here now. I just wanted you to know - if you care, that is - why I have been remiss at posting recently. I am having great fun filling the pages of G+ with photos from each theme for the day. Themes like Manly Monday, Froggy Friday, Caturday, Paint it Saturday and so on. Like I said, it's fun and I get to brainstorm, learn, share and just plain have fun with others doing photography in a multitude of applications and levels. I think this is a first and you undoubtedly will see a 60 Minutes story on the news as soon as the media catches wind.  If you are into photography or any kind of art, technology, science or even something like bee-keeping this new media is an incredible resource to tap into international levels. Any time you want to know about my experience, just ask... I will not bore you all here today with all this. I want to talk about CHRISTMAS!
Santa at Sun Valley Mall with oil filters in Photoshop. Or maybe I painted it... notice I did not miss the "Diamonds" in the background ... (hint, hint Santa Baby... ooooh)
I am ready ... heart and soul. I wanted to rant about the commercialization and all the stupid ads on TV saying , Buy, Buy, Buy.... but I just don't know. I have my "buying" done and wrapped and the tree is all sparlky, and the lights outside are all ..... "Christmasey" and stuff and the music on the radio is all "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and "I'll be Home for Christmas" and well, that old Hot Buttered Rum is warm and rummy. What the Heck! I'm going to don my Santa Hat and jump in with both feet here and just say, Merry Christmas everyone! Here's some photos I did for my Christmas Card that never got sent out. Maybe next year I won't be down with a stupid cold the week before the holiday and I will get the chance to do "it all" myself.

The cover. Bokeh lights done in oil. This is actually my Christmas tree for this year also played with in Oil in Photoshop.

This was to be the inside of the card... kind of a "2011 - The Year in Review"
So, here's to a prosperous, healthy, environmentally and mentally sound 2012! Merry Christmas my friends. And if you celebrate in other ways, I wish you Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and "your choice greeting here"  or as my dear sweet Grandma used to say, sit down and pass the ravioli. Buon Natale, pisans!

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